Orestes Romero and Ana Garcia


Orestes Romero and Ana Garcia, are the components of a young dance company that was born about three years ago, NY Time. From the beginning, they have based their style of dance in NY style using their choreography set of figures, spins and tricks and flavour combined with portés.
Orestes Romero director and company founder began his training in 2000 with ballroom dancing, leaning Salsa. To continue his apprenticeship he attended two years of modern- jazz with Alex Shief. In 2007 traveled to Milan where he participated in shows with artists nacinales which afforded him to further deepen and travel to New York to take classes mambo and chacha with Eddie Torres and Frankie Martinez and afro - cuban in the Alvin Alley Dance Theatre. After all this training he returned to Spain and in 2009 founded his own company, NY Time. Towards the end of 2010 he joined the company Ana Garcia Nieto, today being his current dance partner.
Ana Garcia began to take his first dance steps in 2007 dancing to Latin dance,
quickly decided to SALSA and wanted to specialize in it. From that moment and considering how important it is to have a base of dance began with ballet in Sofia Sancho at 15 years old and since then she do both disciplines. In 2012 finished 3rd in the International Competition of Free Salsa Steps La Negra, with his partner and friend Andrea Guguernitze. That same year he was proclaimed winner of the Ases de la Bachata with Sabor Dinamico. In 2014, with the same company, won the World Championship Bachata Masters
Together they have participated, as congresses highlights in Carthagosalsa, Murcia Baila, Benidorm Salsa Congress , Cullera Salsa Festival, Tumba y Tumbao, Latin Festival Hammamet (Tunisia), Salisalcante Festival (Spain), Salsa Festival Savona (Italy), Madrid Salsa Festival, among others, in addition to various conferences, weekends and holiday in Spain and Italy. In 2013 left in the 1st position in the National Competition Mambo Swing.